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About The Chief Director

Harbachan Singh,

Chief Director

Harbachan Singh, a former Chairman of the United Nations Headquarters Committee on Contracts has been a community activist in Queens for over two decades.  As such, he serves or has served as President of several organizations including the Sikh American Friendship foundation, the Queens Civic Congress, the Saul Weprin Democratic Club, the Holocaust Center at the Queens borough Community College and on the Boards of Queens Borough President’s General Assembly, Queens District Attorney’s Advisory Council, Committee Chair of Community Board 8 and First Vice President of Queens Hospital Center’s Advisory Board. His activity includes giving testimony at the NYC Council hearings, addresses at Churches and government agencies or institutions and fighting for the queen’s residents vis a vis the service agencies especially on quality of life issues.  He chaired the committee on hate crimes at the borough president Queen’s office and recently marched for women’s rights in New York City.  He is a recipient of numerous accolades, proclamations and awards for his work and contribution from high Federal, State and City elected officials. Singh has also a long history of helping communities and championing LGBT rights.

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